LVCA Donations Policy

Donation Policy of the LVCA

DONORS MAY BRING TO THE HERITAGE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF LIGONIER DURING REGULAR WEEKDAY OFFICE HOURS (9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.) OR ON SUNDAY MORNINGS WHATEVER DVDS THEY WISH TO DONATE TO THE LIGONIER VALLEY CINEMA ASSOCIATION, INCLUDING ANY THEY WISH FORWARDED TO THE LIGONIER VALLEY LIBRARY. Those intended for the Ligonier Valley Library should be in excellent condition and sparingly used, if not in new sealed condition. Any being donated to the Hugh Stouppe Memorial Library of the Heritage United Methodist Church should be free of pixel decay and may be either used or new. Use the monthly TEN MOST WANTED DVD lists from both libraries on the Ligonier Valley Cinema Association website to determine if a donation is likely to meet with LVCA approval. Neither library has room for random donations. Remember, if you donate 6 DVDs to the LVCA, and they are approved by it, you automatically qualify to become a Ligonier Valley Cinema Association Member.