2017 Donation Schedules and Reviews Ligonier Valley Library

2017 Ligonier Valley Library Donations and Reviews

January: FAHRENHEIT 451   Director: Francois Truffaut   an English-language film
(Click Here) for review

GEORGES MÉLIÈS COLLECTION   short live action silent trick films from
the French director featured in HUGO (Click Here) for review

EXCUSE MY FRENCH from Egypt   black comedy   Director: Amr Salama
in Arabic with English subtitles   99 minutes (Click Here) for review.

February: AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD from Peru   Director: Werner Herzog
subtitled drama, but dialogue is minimal Spanish conquistadors speaking in German!
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BALL OF FIRE from the United States   Director: Howard Hawks a live action screwball comedy based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck
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THE LEARNING TREE from the United States   Director: Gordon Parks
a National Film Registry of the Library of Congress inductee live action feature coming-of-age drama
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March: CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU from Australia Director: Carl Schultz   live action feature drama Winner of nine Australian Academy Film Awards including Best Picture. (Click Here) for review

BLISS from Turkey  Director: Abdullah Oguz 2007 color subtitled live action feature drama (Click Here) for review 

April: THE KID WITH A BIKE   Belgium   2011   color   subtitled
Co-Directors: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne   live action feature drama Criterion dvd
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BLANCANIEVES (SNOW WHITE)   Spain   2011   a black-and-white silent  musical Director: Pablo Berger   105 minutes  winner of ten Goya Awards (Spain’s Oscars)   Cohen Media Group dvd
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May: AL-MIDAN (THE SQUARE)   Egypt   2011-2013   color   subtitled live action
 feature documentary about Egypt’s Arab Spring Revolution   Director:  Jehane Noujainwnner of Emmy Awards for Cinematography, Editing and Direction Academy Award Nominee: Best Documentary Feature

June: NANOOK OF THE NORTH   Canada   1919-1922   black-and-white silent semi-documentary with English intertitles   Director: Robert Flaherty   79 minutes   a Criterion dvd (Click Here) for review

July: HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY   United States   1941   Director: John Ford
live action feature drama with Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O’Hara, Donald Crisp, and Roddy McDowall   black-and-white   118 minutes 1941 Oscar®, Best Picture

August: DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE from Italy   1962   black-and-white subtitled
live action feature black comedy   Director: Pietro Germi with Marcello Mastroianni and Stefania Sandrelli 1962 Oscar®, Best Original Screenplay   a two-disc Criterion dvd set

WHITE MANE from France   1953   40 minutes   black-and-white
Director: Albert Lamorisse (THE RED BALLOON)   live action short fantasy drama Winner, Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix (Click Here) for review

September: ODD MAN OUT   Northern Ireland   1947   116 minutes black-and-white live action feature drama   Director: Carol Reed starring James Mason     Criterion Collection dvd 

October: THE LAST WAVE   Australia   1977   106 minutes   Director: Peter Weir
live action feature horror drama starring Richard Chamberlain Criterion dvd (Click Here) for review

FANTASTIC PLANET   Czechoslovakia / France   1973   color subtitled feature animation drama   Director: Rene Laloux 72 minutes dvd includes short film THE SNAILS (Click Here) for review

November: IVAN’S CHILDHOOD from the Soviet Union   black-and-white
subtitled live action feature war drama   95 minutes   Director: Andrei Tarkovsky   starring Nikolay Burlyaev Criterion dvd includes interviews with Burlyaev and cinematographer Vadim Yusev (Click Here) for review

December: SABAH, A LOVE STORY from French Canada   subtitled live action feature romance   2005   color   90 minutes Director: Ruba Nadda

YEELEN (BRIGHTNESS) from Mali   1987   color   105 minutes Director: Souleymane Cisse
a magic realism African-style live 
action feature drama