1. WADJDA subtitled from Saudi Arabia suitable for family viewing live action feature color drama (Click Here) for review.

  1. ERNEST & CELESTINE subtitled / dubbed in English from France / Belgium feature color animation   Winner: Cesar, Best French Feature Animation excellent for primary-grade children (Click Here) for review

  1. TOM AND HUCK United States 1995   live action feature dramedy starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Brad Renfro
    (Click Here) for review



  1. THE BOOK THIEF filmed in Germany mostly in English starring Sophie Nelisse (Click Here) for review

(MONSIEUR LAZHAR)   live action feature drama    some subtitles


HEAVEN IS FOR REAL United States live action feature drama suitable for teens and adults (Click Here) for review


  1. BLOOD BROTHER United States / India some subtitles, a little animation
    Mostly live action feature color documentary.   Director: Steve Hoover
    (Pittsburgh native)   Winner at Sundance. From the Three Rivers Film Festival. (Click Here) for review.

  1. THE SEA OF GRASS United States Director: Elia Kazan
    live action feature western drama with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn
    Based on the novel by Pa. author Conrad Richter.   Suitable for teens and adults. (Click Here) for review.


  1. BRIGADOON United States live action color feature musical fantasy
    starring Gene Kelly Music by Frederick Loewe.   Director: Vincente Minnelli
    suitable for family viewing.  (Click Here) for review

  2. THE BOXCAR CHILDREN From the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).
    feature color animation in English based on the children’s novel by
    Gertrude Chandler Warner. Excellent for elementary-grade children. (Click Here) for review.


  1. DUNDERKLUMPEN from Sweden dubbed in English
    Music by
    Toots Thielemans.  Color feature animation similar in format to MARY POPPINS (mixing live action and animation).
    Great Midsummer Eve fun for preschoolers in particular.
    (Click Here) for review

  1. FILL THE VOID from Israel subtitled live action color feature drama about fusing romance and religion Winner of numerous Ophir Awards (Israel’s Oscars).
    (Click Here) for review


  1. THE JOHN WESLEY STORY short color animation biopic; with hour-long accompanying feature documentary combining live action film excerpts with animation Highly recommended for Methodists of all ages. Part of The Torchlighters series.  (Click Here) for review

  1. ELEANOR’S SECRET award-winning feature animation from France with optional subtitles or dubbed in English versions  Outstanding film for primary grade children.  A strong incentive for literacy.  (Click Here) for review


  1. SAVING MR. BANKS from the United States live action feature drama starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson
    Walt and his nemesis battle over film rights to MARY POPPINS   suitable for teens and adults (Click Here) for review

  2. THE GABBY DOUGLAS STORY United States outstanding live action color feature sports teledrama
    from the director of AMISH GRACE, Gregg Champion   Highly recommended family viewing. Very inspiring. (Click Here) for review


  1. NICKY’S FAMILY from the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom
    live action feature documentary about vacationing British stockbroker 
    Nicholas Winton and his rescue of more than 600 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in 1939.  One determined  person can truly move a mountain.  (Click Here) for review

  1. BULLY recent color documentary from the United States addressing the aggravating problem of school bullying Geared to ages 16 and older due to fairly explicit violence and vile language (Click Here) for review


7 FACES OF DR. LAO   based on the novel by Charles Finney   This live action color feature fantasy showcases Academy Award-winning makeup by William Tuttle and a tour-de-force set of performances by Tony Randall as seven different characters   Bonus Feature: a very tantalizing Barbara Eden.   Suitable for teens and adults.   Director: George Pal. (Click Here) for review.


A PLACE AT THE TABLE from the United States   Hunger in America? You bet. Watch this excellent documentary and discover the extent of our nation’s problem and potential solutions.   live action color feature documentary   strongly recommended for middlers, teens, and adults


THE KINEMATOGRAPH from Poland   short color animation drama dubbed in English   Director: Tomek Baginski (CATHEDRAL; FALLEN ART)  A  searing film quite hard to forget, with an exceptionally mobile animation camera.

Also, the LVCA will be making a Christmas dvd special donation at year’s end.  Its title will not be determined until after November balloting.

 Keno Ken’s miscellaneous reviews for 2015 that could enter as a donation later

Brooklyn (Click Here) for review
Golgotha (Click Here) for review