Ligonier Valley Cinema Association

Here is a mine of information about the Hugh Stouppe Memorial Library’s DVDs, monthly new DVD releases, DVD reviews and recommendations, foreign film holdings, silent filmstripfilm holdings, Christmas film holdings, film reference books, film polls and surveys, DVD film reviews and recommended DVD film scores. You can learn how to apply for membership in the Ligonier Valley Cinema Association (LVCA). Or visit our ABOUT US page to read how we operate. Investigate the film holdings of the Hugh Stouppe Memorial Library in the Heritage United Methodist Church of Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Want to know if a DVD is available in the Ligonier Valley Library? Use the link to the Westmoreland Library Network to find out. And you can always make suggestions about films or complete a film survey and e-mail the finished document to . If you would like to donate a DVD to the Ligonier Valley Cinema Association, just press the Donations Policy button. So have a look around the website, explore and enjoy.

Do you have a question about films that has been bugging you? Or a suggestion for a future poll? Perhaps you would like to share the title of a film that greatly impressed you. If any of these is the case, please send Kino Ken an e-mail so the LVCA is apprised of it. Use the e-address above, please.

Explore and enjoy! I hope to get your e-mail soon. And don’t forget to visit us again.