Key: N = Netflix

HSML = on dvd; Hugh Stouppe Memorial Library, Heritage United Methodist Church

LVL = on dvd; Ligonier Valley Library

NFCL = on dvd; New Florence Community Library

AML = on dvd; Adams Memorial Library, Latrobe

GHAL = on dvd; Greensburg Hempfield Area Library



  1. THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN (1993) Performer: Elijah Wood as Huck N
  2. ALAN AND NAOMI Performer: Lukas Haas as Alan HSML
  3. ALL ROADS LEAD HOME Performer: Vivien Cardone as Belle HSML
  4. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (1934) Performer: Dawn O’Day a.k.a. Anne Shirley as Anne (HSML)
  5. ANNIE (1982) Performer: Aileen Quinn as Annie N
  6. ANNIE (2015) Performer: Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie LVL
  7. AUSTRALIA Performer: Brandon Walters as Nullah  (HSML)
  8. BACHEYA-YE ASEMAN (CHILDREN OF HEAVEN) Performer: Bahare Seddiqi as Zahra HSML
  9. THE BAD SEED (1956) Performer: Patty McCormack as Rhoda (HSML)
  10. BELLE ET SÉBASTIEN (BELLE AND SEBASTIAN) Performer: Felix Bossuet as Sébastien HSML
  11. THE BLACK STALLION Performer: Kelly Reno as Alec HSML
  12. THE BOOK THIEF Performer: Sophie Nelisse as Liesel HSML
  13. THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS Performer: Asa Butterfield as Bruno   HSML
  14. THE CANTERVILLE GHOST (1944) Performer: Margaret O’Brien as Lady Jessica only currently available through purchase of the dvd   Barnes & Noble, Best Buy
  15. CHILDREN OF INVENTION Performer: Crystal Chiu as Tina HSML
  16. THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE Performer: Ann Carter as Amy HSML
  17. DOG DAYS OF SUMMER Performer: Devon Gearhart as Phillip HSML
  18. A DOG OF FLANDERS (1959) Performer: David Ladd as Nello HSML
  19. A DOLPHIN TALE Performer: Nathan Gamble as Sawyer LVL
  20. DUMA (CHEETAH) Performer: Alex Michaletos as Xan HSML
  21. EL ESPIRITU DE LA COLMENA (THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE) Performer: Isabel Telleria as Isabel HSML
  22. E.T. THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL Performer: Henry Thomas as Elliott LVL
  23. FUNNY PEOPLE Performer: Iris Apatow as Ingrid N
  24. HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE Performers: Daniel Radcliffe as Harry and Emma Watson as Hermione LVL
  25. HOME ALONE Performer: Macaulay Caulkin as Kevin LVL
  26. HUGO Performer: Asa Butterfield as Hugo (HSML), LVL
  27. JIBEURO (THE WAY HOME) Performer: Seung-ho Yoo as Sang-woo HSML
  28. KIT KITTREDGE: AN AMERICAN GIRL Performer: Abigail Breslin as Kit HSML
  29. EL LABERINTO DEL FAUNO (PAN’S LABYRINTH) Performer: Ivana Baquero as Ofelia LVL
  30. THE LITTLE FUGITIVE (1953) Performer: Richie Andrusco as Joey HSML
  31. LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE Performer: Abigail Breslin as Olive AML, NFCL
  32. LOST ANGEL Performer: Margaret O’Brien as Alpha (HSML)
  33. THE MAN IN THE MOON Performer: Reese Witherspoon as Dani (HSML)
  34. MARCELINO, PAN Y VINO (THE MIRACLE OF MARCELINO) Performer: Pablito Calvo as Marcelino HSML
  35. NATIONAL VELVET Performer: Elizabeth Taylor as Velvet HSML
  36. THE NEVERENDING STORY Performers: Noah Hathaway as Atreyu and Barret Oliver as Bastien HSML
  37. NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER Performer: Sheila Rosenthal as Mahtob HSML
  38. PATHER PANCHALI (THE LITTLE SONG OF THE ROAD) Performer: Subir Bannerji as Apu (HSML)
  39. PONETTE Performer: Victoire Thivisol as Ponette   HSML
  40. RAMONA AND BEEZUS Performer: Joey King as Ramona HSML
  41. ROMULUS, MY FATHER Performer: Kodi Smit-McPhee as Raimond (HSML)
  42. ROOM Performer: Jacob Tremblay as Jack (HSML)
  43. RUNNING ON EMPTY Performer: River Phoenix as Danny N
  44. SECOND CHANCES Performer: Kelsey Mulrooney as Sunny HSML
  45. LE SECRET DE CHANDA (LIFE, ABOVE ALL) Performer: Khomotso Manyaka as Chanda HSML
  46. THE SIXTH SENSE Performer: Haley Joel Osment as Cole  LVL
  47. SMILE (2005) Performer: Mika Boorem as Katie HSML
  48. TIGER BAY Performer: Hayley Mills as Gillie (HSML)
  49. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Performer: Philip Alford as Jem HSML
  50. TOM AND HUCK Performer: Jonathan Taylor-Thomas as Tom HSML
  51. A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN Performer: Peggy Ann Garner as Francie (HSML)
  52. VISAGES D’ENFANTS (FACES OF CHILDREN) Performers: Jean Forest as Jean and Arlette Peyran as Arlette (HSML)
  53. VIVA CUBA! (LONG LIVE CUBA!) Performer: Malú Tarrau Broche as Malú (HSML)
  54. VOCES INOCENTES (INNOCENT VOICES) Performer: Carlos Padilla (HSML)
  55. WATERPROOF Performer: Cordereau Dye as Thaniel HSML
  56. THE WINDOW Performer: Bobby Driscoll as Tommy HSML
  57. THE WIZARD (1989) Performer: Luke Edwards as Jimmy N
  58. THE WIZARD OF OZ Performer: Judy Garland as Dorothy LVL
  59. A WORLD APART Performer: Jodhi May as Molly (HSML)
  61. Performer: Xin Yi Yang as Ren Xing   (HSML)